Think About Your Life

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Think About Your Life

The End Of Life Journey

Thinking about and planning for the end of my life

Thinking about our own death is something most of us are ill-prepared for, and talking about it to others can seem even harder.

You can find really good support from specialist social workers, specialist nurses and hospice staff and we encourage you to use their skills and expertise to help you prepare for your death.

You can also use the thinking tools we’ve developed for people who are approaching death. They will enable you to think about what’s important to you at this time, and how you would like to plan the end of your life.

How do I use the thinking tools?

We’ve found that there are five main areas which people want to think about and plan for. You might like to explore:

For each of these areas we’ve developed a thinking tool, and show you how to use it.

You can look at one or all of the five areas, though we suggest that you approach them in order.

We suggest you complete three other thinking tools before you start this journey. These thinking tools help you to think about your relationships, your story, and what’s important to you:

You can complete the thinking tools by yourself, but many people find it best to work with family, friends or staff. Some people like to work with one other person, others prefer to work in a small group.


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