Living Well With Cancer

When you are diagnosed with cancer your life changes. Many of us feel helpless, out of control, overwhelmed. We know, because we have been through the experience of cancer too.

Think About Your Life thinking tools will help you regain control. We’ve designed them to help you to think about what is happening, to bring together the support you need, and to look ahead.

You can use these thinking tools wherever you are on the cancer journey, from the initial discovery that something’s not right, through the routine of treatment, to life after cancer.

How to start your Think About Your Life journey

You can go through the thinking tools in order, or just fill in the sections that feel relevant to you. You can complete the thinking tools by yourself, but many people find it best to work with family, friends or staff. Some people like to work with one other person, others prefer to work in a small group.

We’ve created five stages in the cancer journey: discovery, diagnosis, treatment, end of treatment, and living with cancer.

The stages appear on the right of every page in the cancer journey. Just click on a stage, and use the thinking tools we suggest.

Alternatively, you can create your own path by picking the thinking tools yourself. You can choose from the thinking tools we’ve suggested for living well with cancer, which are listed on the right. Or you can choose from all our thinking tools to see which suit you at this moment.