A little bit of information about Think About Your Life

We put you at the centre

We work with individuals, communities and organisations who want to find better ways of working and living. We always place people – not processes, theories or systems – at the centre of what we do.

This is called ‘person-centred thinking and planning’, but all it means is that we start with you. This is your life, and you should always be the one in control of it.

The thinking tools on the Think About Your Life website draw on our years of experience of working with people at times of major change or challenge in their life.

But they also draw deeply on our personal experience: we began this work because we have each lived with cancer – ourselves or as a co-survivor. We developed this website because we needed to use the person-centred thinking tools ourselves and wanted to share what we were trying and learning.

We pioneered the use of person-centred thinking tools with cancer survivors, and then developed them further with people who have long-term conditions, people at the end of their life, and people facing other life-changing events.

Where did the thinking tools come from?

Think About Your Life started with four women who went on their own cancer journeys: Amanda George and Amanda Petersen in the USA, and Helen Sanderson and Eleanor Attrill in the UK.

The website uses person-centred thinking tools created by The Learning Community for Person Centred Practices and the Inclusion Movement. The thinking tools developed by The Learning Community remain the property of The Learning Community and are used with their permission.

The website was developed and funded by the HSA Foundation, which is a charity and part of the international work of Helen Sanderson Associates.

Workshops and more …

We can offer workshops and support to help people use the thinking tools on this website.

Get in touch with us at info@thinkaboutyourlife.org if you’d like to find out about opportunities in your area.

In the US, we offer individual consultations. Contact amanda@thinkaboutyourlife.org or 816-695-4334.