How thinking tools can help you

Think About Your Life thinking tools can help you to look at your life, make decisions about how to improve it, and share them with others.

Each thinking tool helps you think about a different aspect of your life. It asks you some questions to help you focus on that part of your life, and may reveal what you can do next.

We suggest that you start with a One-page Profile, and then pick whichever thinking tools seem most useful at the moment.

When you’ve completed a thinking tool, you can share it with your friends and family or the professionals who support you so that they understand better how to help you.

Using Think About Your Life thinking tools is like life coaching online – for free! We know you have the answers if you have the tools and support you need to think about your life.

How to use the thinking tools

You can use the thinking tools in any order. You can use just one or two, or all of them. You can use them months apart, and you can use one thinking tool over and over as things change.

First you need to register. This lets you use the thinking tools.

On each thinking tool we’ve asked some questions to get you thinking. Fill in your answers on the form, and when you’re ready, click on the ‘SAVE THINKING TOOL’ button at the end.

You can now look at your answers on the thinking tool by clicking on ‘VIEW MY THINKING TOOL AS A WEB PAGE’.

You can come back to your thinking tool and change it at any time. Just save it when you’ve finished.

If you’d prefer to work on a printed version, or would like to see what the thinking tool looks like before you start, click on ‘OPEN BLANK THINKING TOOL’.

When you create your tool online, the website will keep a confidential copy of your tool . You can see it any time by going to My Account Dashboard.