Choosing to live well

There are times when we need to step back and think about how we live. Perhaps we are living with serious illness, or major changes, or have simply realised that we want to live better.

Think About Your Life thinking tools can help you to look at your life, to make decisions, and to talk to the people around you.

Some thinking tools help you to think generally about your life. Others help you with a particular challenge.

How do I use the thinking tools?

We’ve created eight stages in the living well journey and they appear on the right of every page in the journey, at the top. Just click on a stage and use the thinking tools we suggest.

Alternatively, you can pick the thinking tools from the list we’ve suggested to help you think about living well. They’re also on the right.

You can go through the thinking tools in order, or just fill in the sections that feel relevant to you. You can complete the thinking tools by yourself, but many people find it best to work with family, friends or staff. Some people like to work with one other person, others prefer to work in a small group.

To get started, simply click on one of the links to the right. It will take you to a thinking tool.

When you’ve completed a thinking tool we ask you to think about what you wrote and to note down your thoughts. You can do this using the Living Well Notes, or on paper. Keep these notes as they’ll help you create an action plan for making changes to your life.

We have many other thinking tools, and you can see them all here.