Thinking about my hopes and fears for the future

This thinking tool helps you to think about the practical things that you want to happen, or don’t want to happen in the future.

If you are unwell, for example, you might think about treatments you want to try, and others that you do not want. You could use this thinking tool to think about where you will live, who with, and who might care for you.

Perhaps you’re thinking about changing your job. This thinking tool could help you look at what you’d really like to do, and what you find frightening about some of the choices you face.

These are hard questions to think about, but they are important. When they involve the people close to you, it is good to discuss the questions together so that you and the people who love you know what your wishes are, and why you are making some decisions.

How to use the My hopes and fears thinking tool

Here are some questions to get you started:

What do you hope for most?

What do you fear most?

Do other people’s views affect what you hope and fear for?

Next steps

Now that you have completed the My Hopes and Fears thinking tool, here are some questions:

Is there anything you or others need to do to make it more likely that what you hope for will happen?

Is there anything you or others can do to make sure your fears don’t happen?

Note what you or others can do to make it more likely that you can have what you want in the future on your Living Well Notes.