Planning to change my life

We hope that our thinking tools have helped you to think about the shape you’d like your life to take in the future.

This Action Plan thinking tool uses all the thinking you’ve already done about how to live better. It will help you to make a plan that will make it more likely that you can live the way you want.

How to use the Action plan thinking tool

As you thought about the way you’d like to live and completed the thinking tools, we asked you to note down the changes you’d like to make, who could help you, and when you’d like them to happen. You wrote down what you needed to do, and what you’d like other people to do in your Living Well Notes.

Now it’s time to read back through these notes, and to write down in your Action Plan thinking tool what changes you’d like to make, who can help you, and when you’ll do it.

When you’ve done this, you’ll have an action plan, and it’s time to share it and make it happen.