Thinking about relationships

This is a way to map out the important people in your life. When you’ve done this you can think about whether there are people you want to spend more time with, or simply get in touch with, or old friends you want to reconnect with.

How to use the My relationships thinking tool

You are at the top of the map.

The next area contains the people who are closest to you. They’re the people who can tell you when you mess up, and who you can tell when they mess up. They’re the people who support you and love you.

And below this is an area for people who care about you and are present in your life, but unlike those in the area above, you may not be able to rely on them for deep emotional support.

Next steps

Now that you have completed your relationships thinking tool, here are some questions:

Is there anyone you want to see more of?

Is there anyone you have not been in contact with for a while, whom you would like to reconnect with?

Note who you want to contact and how you will do this on your Living Well Notes.