Relationship Map

Who are the people who matter most to you? Who makes your day better?

With this thinking tool you look at the people in all areas of your life: friends, family, colleagues and professionals who can support you.

It can help you see more clearly who is most important in your life, and who can help in different ways. Do you need a ride to and from doctors’ appointments or treatment, or do you need someone to bring meals, to go to the movies with you, talk to when you are having a bad day or a good day, or give you second opinion? Fill in the map, and see who’s there.

You are at the top of the map.

The next area contains the people who are closest to you. They’re the people who can tell you when you mess up, and whom you can tell when they mess up. They’re the people who support you and love you.

And below this is an area for people who care about you and are present in your life, but unlike your inner circle, you may not be able to rely on them for deep emotional support.

Using This Thinking Tool

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