What’s working and what’s not working?

If you’re struggling to make a decision or think about a problem, this thinking tool can help you clarify the issue and know what to do.

Writing a list of what is and isn’t working for you can help you see things more clearly. It can also help you explain to other people what needs to happen.

If you’re unwell, for example, you can use this thinking tool to make a decision about your treatment. Or you could use it to explain the side effects of a medication to your doctor.

If a situation at work is making you extremely stressed, writing down exactly what’s happening and how it affects your ability to do your job well can help you find a solution and explain it to your manager.

It’s really worth asking other people what they think – talk to your close friends and to your family to find out their perspective.

Sorting out your thinking will help you find solutions.

Using This Thinking Tool

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