One-page Profile

Do you ever wish your doctor, work colleagues, or even some of your family knew you better?

With your One-page Profile you can tell people at a glance what’s most important to you, and how they can help you.

If you spend a lot of time in hospital, for example, you can explain in your One-page Profile that you never want to see a needle but you do want to know what’s going on.

If you tend to overload yourself at work, why not use your One-page Profile to tell your colleagues that you appreciate them suggesting you say no sometimes?

Your One-page Profile reflects what’s important to you now, and you can change it any time you like.

Using This Thinking Tool

If you’ve already registered for Think About Your Life, you can edit this thinking tool now. If you haven’t yet registered for Think About Your Life, it’s easy to register and it only takes a few seconds.

Online registration is coming soon. In the meantime, please download or print a version of this thinking tool.