Thinking about what I want to change

It’s easy to get stuck living in a certain way, even if it isn’t working well for you. This thinking tool helps you to think about the things that you feel good about and the things you don’t. You can use the results to make things work much better for you.

How to use the What’s working and not working thinking tool

Think about what’s going well or working in your life at the moment. Write it down.

Think about what’s not working or is upsetting or frustrating. Write it down.

Look back at your One-page Profile. What is important to you and how do you want to be supported? For each thing on your One-page Profile, write down here what’s working or not working for you. Be as specific as you can.

You might find it helpful to ask someone close to you to write down what they think is working and not working in your life. Or you can think about your friends’ and family’s perspective. It’s really useful to look at what’s working and what’s not working from different angles. Put other people’s thoughts on your thinking tool under ‘friends’ and ‘family’.

Next steps: taking action

Now that you’ve completed your What’s Working And Not Working thinking tool, think about these questions:

  • Look at your list of what’s working. We hope you feel good about the things that are going well. Do you need to do anything to make sure these good things keep happening? Does anyone else need to do something?
  • Look at your list of what’s not working. Can you or anyone else do something to change these things?
  • If other people had ideas about what’s working and not working for you, are any of them different to yours? Do you want to talk about this and see if you can find a way to make things work better?

Note what you want to do and what you’d like other people to help you with on your Living Well Notes.

Use what you’ve noted to keep the good things working well, and to change the things that aren’t working well.