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Thinking about my dreams and aspirations

Do you have a dream about a place you’ve always wanted to visit? Or maybe there’s something you’ve always meant to do but have never got round to?

This thinking tool gives you a place to think about what you’d really like to do.

How to use the My dreams thinking tool

Are there people you’d like to meet or see? Places you’d like to visit? An event you’ve always wanted to go to? What would you do if you could?

All you have to do is write down your dreams on the thinking tool.

Next steps

Now that you’ve completed the thinking tool, think about these questions:

  • If you have a long list, what are the three things you most want to do?
  • Start with one of the things on your list. What would it take for you to do this? What could you do? What would other people need to help with? Can you make it happen together?

Note what you want to do, and how others can help you on your Living Well Notes.



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