Living With Cancer

Perhaps you were diagnosed with cancer at an advanced stage, or your cancer has recurred after a time of remission. There is more hope now than ever for people living with cancer. Still, it is scary knowing you have an illness for which there is no cure yet.

Living with cancer is an uncertain place, and everyone reacts to uncertainty differently. The thinking tools below can help you work through your thoughts and feelings about living with cancer.

Thinking tools to try:


Try these thinking tools if you’re struggling with your emotions. They’re good, for example, if:

  • there is no cure for my disease
  • I have to tell my friends and family that I have a chronic disease
  • I want to date people
  • I won’t be able to have children, and I want them very much
  • I worry about what will happen to my family after I’ve gone

What’s Working – Not Working

Try this if you want to solve a particular problem. It’s good, for example, if:

  • I’m worried about money as I’m unable to work
  • I’m anxious during my scans, tests and treatments


Thinking about the end of your life

Living with cancer is hard enough. Finding that you are dying with cancer is even harder. It’s difficult to face your own death, and the fact that others will live on after you.

We’ve created a journey and thinking tools to help you to think about your own death, and hope you will find them useful.

We also suggest that you seek help from specialists, such as your local hospice and specialist nurses and social workers. They can offer wonderful support and will understand what you are facing.


If the person you’ve been supporting has an advanced cancer, or their cancer has returned, they will need your help.

We’ve suggested thinking tools for them to use to deal with what’s happening, and you may be able to help them work through the thinking tools, or to put their decisions into action. Let them lead you in deciding what support they want.

Make sure that you have support from people around you. You’re living with cancer too.