Planning decisions and actions

Throughout this journey, you have been writing down the decisions you have made about the end of your life. You have also created a list of the actions that you and other people need to take. They are all written down on your My Action Plan thinking tool and your Decision-making Agreement.

Taking action

Look again at what you want to happen towards the end of your life. You wrote this down on your Action Plan thinking tool:

  • Which actions can you do yourself?
  • Which actions do you need help with?

Now you can use the thinking tool to help you take the actions you decided on.

Making decisions

You also wrote down some decisions that will need to be made, for example about where you die, or the treatment you will receive at the end. You wrote these down on your Decision-making Agreement. Look again at these decisions:

  • Do other people need to be involved in some decisions?
  • Are there decisions that other people need to make on your behalf?
  • How will these decisions be made?
  • Who has the final say?

You may want to talk about these questions with those people who are closest to you, and who will be involved in the decisions. Now you can add to or update what you wrote on your agreement.

When you have completed your Decision-making Agreement you can use it as part of your living will.