Thinking about my relationships at the end of my life

The people who are close to you may become especially important as you move towards the end of your life. Perhaps you would like to say goodbye to someone, or ask them to be with you? Or maybe you have a friend who could help you plan your funeral?

As you start to think about the end of your life, you might want to ask some of the important people in your life to play a part, to support you, and to be with you on your journey.

Preparing to think about your relationships

Before you begin, please complete the Relationships Map thinking tool, which will help you to think about who is important to you.

How to use the My relationships at the end of my life thinking tool

Now look at your My Relationships at the End of My Life thinking tool. It asks you to think about who you would like to be involved at the end of your life, and how.

For each question in the thinking tool, look at your Relationships Map and think about who you would like to ask.

Next steps

Now that you have filled in the thinking tool, here are some questions:

  • How are you going to ask the people you have mentioned?
  • Is there anything or anyone who could help you do this?

When you have thought about these questions, please open the Action Plan thinking tool.

Write down on the Action Plan thinking tool:

  • what you want to do
  • what others could help with

You can use this to make sure that the people you care about are involved in your final wishes in the way that you and they want to be. You could make it part of your living will.